ecofriendly bamboo leggings, with POCKETS and knee patches.

ecofriendly bamboo leggings, with POCKETS and knee patches.


Basic and versatile ecofriendly bamboo leggings with deep front pockets and built in back pockets. 4 pockets total.
These eco-friendly leggings feature a high rise waistband, with built in braided belt detail. It can be worn extended fully up or folded down for a lower rise.
Knee patches built in, constructed from thermal/waffle knit, reinforced with bamboo french terry.

Denim knee patches also available during the checkout process, see last picture for reference.

Backside reinforced with a double layer of bamboo french terry--both for warmth and to hide any hint of underwear lines.
Extra long legs with raw bottom hem—constructed so that you can wear it over the back of your heel, scrunched up around your ankles, or folded up into a cuff.
So stylish and comfortable, you will never want to take them off!

Please choose your size from the options listed below:

bust 30-32
waist 23-25
hips 32-34

bust 33-35
waist 26-28
hips 35-37

bust 36-39
waist 29-32
hips 38-40

bust 40-44
waist 33-35
hips 41-46

bust 45-48
waist 36-39
hips 47-50

bust 49-53
waist 40-44
hips 51-54

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