plaid skirt with pockets, black and tan.

plaid skirt with pockets, black and tan.


Black and Tan plaid skirt, complete with two generous side pockets and a tall stretchy waistband. A contrasting angles detail at the waist lends interesting detail, finished with a durable and (most importantly) reliable side zipper. 
This skirt is waist hugging for a flattering fit—the waistband is both stretchy and tall to allow for curves. 
The full circle skirt allows for open sizing at the hips. This skirt is built to be both comfortable and flattering.
This is a limited edition design as the fabric is a temporary offering from our distributor. (Custom requests welcome if these aren't your colors.) 
This particular plaid features a combo of camel beige, black, and a thin green pinstripe. The fabric itself is a light to midweight wool/acrylic blend—super soft, with a linen feel.
The amount of fabric used in the construction of this skirt lends fantastic movement and drape. It is a true gem!
Serged, hemmed, and designed for a long life of wear and enjoyment.
Handwash cold ONLY, no heat or dryer. Dry cleaning is also an option.

Please chose from the sizing chart below:

bust 30-32
waist 23-25
hips 32-34

bust 33-35
waist 26-28
hips 35-37

bust 36-39
waist 29-32
hips 38-40

bust 40-44
waist 33-35
hips 41-46

bust 45-48
waist 36-39
hips 47-50

bust 49-53
waist 40-44
hips 51-54

Photography by Nicole McConville

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