BUILD YOUR OWN Boyfriend Cardigan.

BUILD YOUR OWN Boyfriend Cardigan.


****please note:
I am UNFORTUNATELY sold out of the fabric pictured and can not find its replacement anywhere. This listing is for a sweater made in the same style, but with your personalized fabric choices. You get to choose 2 fabrics, one of the outside and one for the liner and contrast details.
You can also send me elements from another garment you would like incorporated into this design. (ex: an old sweater that no longer fits, or a graphic from a favorite sweater that is now stained...don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts!)

Ready to pick your fabrics? Below are my current favorite sites:
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Sorry for the inconvenience, but this gives us an opportunity to make your Boyfriend Cardigan one-of-a-kind!

AND follow this link to see some favorite custom orders so far:


Sweater details:
This cardigan features a big, warm collar that can be worn unbuttoned, or draped and folded to your liking.
Elbow patches added for durability and style.
Along the back, sewn-in pintucks add texture.
Four functional buttons close the cardigan diagonally across the front. hidden pocket!

This sweater is serged and hemmed for durability.

Custom made, one at a time. Please choose your size at checkout and don't hesitate to reach out if you don't see your size listed.

bust 30-32
waist 23-25
hips 32-34

bust 33-35
waist 26-28
hips 35-37

bust 36-39
waist 29-32
hips 38-40

bust 40-44
waist 33-35
hips 41-46

bust 45-48
waist 36-39
hips 47-50

bust 49-53
waist 40-44
hips 51-54

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